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Concept/Content | Aug. 13th

Artists: Dan McCaw (Oil) Danny McCaw (Oil) John McCaw (Oil) Duncan Tooley (Watercolor) Ron Hust (Acrylic) Ron Squared (Acrylic) Ron Libbrecht (Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor) Additional Artists on Dispaly: Eddie Powell (Taogaea) * Dinara Djabieva Henry Fukuhara * Beth Shibata * Milford Zornes Exhibition: July 30th – September 16th @ 1621 Cabrillo Ave., Torrance CA 90501 Opening Reception:
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RonSquared @ Courtyard & Westin

Courtyard Westside Previous art wall display at Courtyard Los Angeles Westside Starting Thursday, July 28th, new artwork from Ron Squared will be on display on the dedicated Art Wall at Courtyard Los Angeles Westside! If you find yourself in Culver City this summer, be sure to stop by Courtyard Westside to check out some art.
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Old Torrance Art Walk: June 25th

APC Fine Arts & Graphics Gallery will be participating in the annual Downtown Torrance Artwalk. Enjoy an evening discovering historic downtown Torrance through the spirit of art! Time Saturday, June 25 from 4PM to 8PM Live Painting Ron Libbrecht and Ron Hust (AKA Ron Squared) will be doing a live demo painting on the sidewalk
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Ron Libbrecht: New Paintings from Hawaii

Ron’s back from his trip to Maui with a collection of 18 new paintings! Check them out here:

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