Process – The Moment | Apr. 12th


Have you ever stared at a work of art and wondered, “How do they do that?” or “It looks great, but what does it all mean?” – Process – The Moment is an exhibition about precisely that; Finding definition through the process of creation.

APC Fine Arts invites you to enlighten your senses with a variety of visual arts, live music, and a selection of wines to stimulate your palette, thanks to our neighbors at Amore Vino here in Old Torrance.

Wine From:

For those interested in delicious wines, Amore Vino offers wine by the glass [$5], a selection of 4 wines to sample [$5], and will have bottles available for purchase. Prepare your appetite!


Kevin Winger
Ron Libbrecht
Dina Djabieva
Ron Hust

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