Milford Zornes


January 25th, 1908 – February 24th, 2008

In the 1930?s Milford Zornes made a major impact on the art world with his unique full sheet watercolors which made him an integral part of the California Style Movement. His work was included in the 1936 National exhibit of oil painting in the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C.

Following the depression, he was the most productive WPA artist in the country, and Elenor Roosevelt even selected one of his watercolors for the White House. During WWII, Sergeant Zornes was responsible for artistically recording the war while in Greenland, India, Burma and China. In 1963 he purchased Maynard Dixon’s studio in Mt. Carmel, Utah where he worked and taught for over thirty years. His work is in the Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian, L.A. County, Vincent Price and numerous other collections. Milford’s dedication to his artwork, his community, and his country has helped him to become one of the country’s most respected artists.

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