Here’s Your Chance: Art Classes at APC

Class Information has changed since this posting. Please visit for the most up-to-date info.

Art Classes at APC Fine Arts in Torrance

Beginning Saturday, August 10th, and Wednesday, August 14th APC Fine Arts will be hosting weekly drawing and painting classes by fine art painter / owner of APC, Ron Libbrecht. Classes are for artists of all skill level; from beginners and amateurs to advanced painters too.

[ Class schedule / details have been removed from this post ]

6 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance: Art Classes at APC

  • Ron, I filled in the “Click to Sign Up” area twice but nothing happened.
    Is there supposed to be a payment window?
    Put me down for the AUG 10th afternoon session.
    See you then. I’ll give you the cash that day.
    Hello to Diane. Roxana

    • Hey Roxana, we received your registration. There’s a confirmation notice that’s supposed to pop up when you click submit. We’re fixing it right now!

  • Hi Ron,

    I want to sign up for 4 classes. I’ll plan on coming to the Aug. 10 afternoon session, then more later.


  • Don’t know if my comment went through. I’m planning on coming to the Sat. Aug. 10 PM


    • Hello Carla,

      Sorry for the delay! We moderate our comments to cut down on pesky spammers. It’s totally do-able to attend classes at your leisure! We’ll put you on the list for the Saturday afternoon class & look forward to seeing you then!

  • Hi Ron,
    I want to sign up for Sat morning classes. Am in St Petersburg but will return Aug 7.
    Please tell your assistant I’ve had a fabulous time. Lovely people, great food, mind boggling palaces, churches, Hermitage, etc, etc. Will try to make it to the Aug 10 class.

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