Paint Only What You Are Passionate About | Oct. 3rd – 23rd

“Point San Vicente” by Henry Fukuhara

Please join us Saturday, October 3rd at APC Fine Arts in Torrance to view selected works from the 2015 Henry Fukuhara Watercolor Workshop. The workshop first began in 1998, and paintings from the workshop feature scenes from Lone Pine, Manzanar, and Swansea. “Paint only what you are passionate about” Is a quote that was shared by late watercolor master, Henry Fukuhara (1913-2010). The show also features select works by Fukuhara himself.

Want to learn more about Henry Fukuhara and the Manzanar Workshop? Check out this awesome news article from The Sheet titled “Fueling the Art of Fukuhara“.

To see some of Henry’s artwork that will be on display in our Torrance gallery, browse our Fukuhara Gallery Page. To see more artwork from the talented artists and instructors of the Manzanar Workshop, you’ll have to come to the art show!

Date: Saturday, Oct. 3rd – Oct. 23rd

Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

APC Fine Arts
1621 Cabrillo Ave,
Torrance, CA 90501


  • Fukuhara, Henry
  • Libbrecht, Ron
  • Setton, Al
  • Holgate, Susan
  • Siegler, Alicia
  • Wright, Jan
  • Hansen, Woody
  • Haynes, Aprile
  • Campbell, Debb
  • Arima, Doris
  • Formia, JoAnn
  • Kellner, Patricia
  • Salinas, Linda
  • Wassenberg, Bill
  • Doyon, Phyl
  • Nichols, Frances
  • Caldwell, Nancy
  • Nagel, Rea
  • Scoggin, Kathleen
  • Jaggers, Rebecca
  • Gonzales,Dorothy
  • Edwards, Dennis
  • Edwards, Susan Wileman
  • Crouch, Julie
  • Gesundheit, Susan
  • Lee, Gloria D.
  • Andrews, Mary Ann
  • Ruby, Robert
  • Mines, Holly
  • Vyzga, Bernard
  • Barnard, John
  • Zenger de Vasquez, Susan
  • Mikami, Lynn
  • Pauer, Jeanette
  • Manning, Shirley
  • Shibata, Beth
  • Caulfield, Eva
  • Gafford, Chris
  • Goodwin, Heidi
  • Rooney, Sandy
  • Pauer, Sharon
  • Morrison, Sandra
  • Jimenez, Ivan Deavy

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