Announcement: 2017 Manzanar Workshop

Finally! Yes, we’ve decided to do it again. And you’re receiving the very first notice!

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the 20th Manzanar Workshop (M-20) founded by Henry Fukuhara (1913 to 2010), from Thursday May 18th to Monday May 22nd, 2017.

This year’s title: “Henry and Friends: A Legacy of Giving Back”.

Once again we will be spending 5 days in the Owens Valley. While a lot will be familiar, there will be a few changes. With an emphasis on giving back to teachers and to the art community, our cadre of friends-of-Henry volunteer-artists will provide us with eight demos and three critiques.

Our list of artist instructors for 2017 includes: Dave Deyell, Dan Dickman, Phyl Doyon, Woody Hansen, Ron Libbrecht, Rea Nagel, David Peterson, Albert Setton. All have painted with Henry. And, of course Shelley remains our CEO and onsite Greeter, Facilitator and Energy Center. Weather permitting, we plan to gather at Alabama Hills, Diaz Lake, Keeler, Manzanar, Owens Lake.

You will also have the opportunity to view a number of Henry Fukuhara’s artworks. Rack Fukuhara will be bringing some of his Dad’s art pieces and we will schedule some viewing opportunities. Some of Henry’s works will be available for purchase.

For a preview of Henry’s work, check out his gallery here.
To view the 2016 Workshop Online Show, click here.
Some of Henry’s work can also be seen at Bill Anderson’s Gallery at
And if you are on Facebook, visit the Henry Fukuhara Facebook page by clicking here.

The 2017 Workshop Fee will remain at $150. We are working on a no-host evening get-together on Friday night and possibly an online post-workshop exhibition. They are not included in this fee.

Send your checks to Michele Pearson 1244 12th Street, Unit 5, Santa Monica 90401.

Then make your accommodation reservations. The Best Western in Lone Pine has set aside a block of 40 rooms at a group rate for the “Fukuhara Group”.

Perhaps there will be some wild flowers this year? And snow caps in the Sierra?
Camaraderie will be in full force.

As Shelley says: “Everybody brings their best self. And everybody goes away enriched”.

Hope to see you there once again
Al and Shelley

2 Responses to “Announcement: 2017 Manzanar Workshop

  • Are there still spots available for Manzanar this year?

    • Hey Pam,

      Patrick from APC here. There are indeed spots available for this year’s workshop. Please contact Al Setton (at [email protected]), and he’ll give you all the information you need! Thanks

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