Ron Squared


“Ron Squared” is a series of paintings created by longtime friends Ron Libbrecht and Ron Hust. These multi-dimensional acrylic paintings are part of an ongoing series that began with scenes from Downtown Los Angeles, but has evolved into a variety of landscapes, collages, and abstract pieces. The process often begins with a simple underpainting- Then, the entire piece transforms as layer upon layer of acrylic paint is scattered and hurled at the canvas. This seemingly chaotic method of “throwing paint” makes the artwork come to life with flowing movement, vibrant color, and incredible depth. You can find Ron Squared on display at The Doubletree DTLA, Justice Urban Tavern (also in Downtown LA), Harbor Federal Credit Union in Carson, and right here at APC Fine Arts in Downtown Torrance.

New Artwork: 2020-2022

Original and Print available for purchase

Fine Art Canvas Print Available (Original Sold)

Commissions Available upon request. Please contact us.


Please contact us at [email protected]

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